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Top 8 Breathtaking Beaches in Washington to Visit

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Get your family, companions, or critical other, and prepare to go on a definitive ocean-side trip by looking at probably the best beaches in Washington.

Washington sea shores are eminent and offer you plenty of fun sporting choices to do, for example, whale watching, kite flying, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, gathering around a huge fire, fishing, drifting, sprinkling in tide pools, and tons more.

Whether you need to loosen up by the shore and work on your tan or go into the water for an exhilarating experience, you can track down the ideal shore for you in this lovely state.

Look at the rundown underneath I made as a manual for assist with making your fantasy ocean-side escape materialize.

What to expect from beaches in Washington

Beaches in Washington offer visitors a wide variety of experiences, from serene coves with gentle waves to sandy beaches with powerful currents. Regardless of where you go, be prepared for different weather conditions: some beaches may be cold and windy in the morning, while others may be hot and humid later in the day. Some tips to enjoy your stay at a beach in Washington include packing appropriately for the weather conditions, planning ahead if you want to make use of facilities such as showers or boating, and not forgetting your sunscreen! Read on to explore beautiful beaches in Washington.

Some Beaches In Washington are:

Alki Beach Park — Seattle

Historic beach park with picnic tables, a restroom & a monument to the area’s first white settlers.

Ruby Beach — Forks

Rocky ocean beach on the Olympic Peninsula offers bird-watching, marine wildlife & scenic views.

Long Beach Peninsula — Long Beach

Long Beach is the best beach in Washington by far. Lots of room for those who dislike crowds.

Owen Beach — Tacoma

Waterfront park with picnic shelters, grills, kayak rentals & views of Vashon Island.

Rosario Beach — Anacortes

Amazing place for picnics, events, and just to get away. Try to go here or plan an event here when the weather is good.

Pacific Beach State Park — Pacific Beach

Year-round camping park with a long, wide, sandy beach, tent sites, RV hookups & yurts.

Rialto Beach — Forks

Picturesque beach dotted with rocks, driftwood & tidepools, with spy whale & seal viewing at times.

Golden Gardens Park Beach — Seattle

City park draws outdoor lovers for Puget Sound & mountain views, trails & a dog off-leash area.

Alki Beach Park — Seattle

beaches in Washington

Location: 2665 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Alki Ocean side Park is perhaps of the most well known ocean side in Washington.

It offers beachgoers a large number of fun exercises to appreciate both ashore and in the water.

Can’t conclude what you believe that should do on your ocean side excursion?

Then, at that point, we emphatically suggest Alki Ocean side Park, where you can have a ton of fun doing a wide cluster of sensational things.

In the event that you like to have a good time by the shore, you can do exercises like playing a serious round of ocean side volleyball, trekking or rollerblading on the cleared ways, taking photos of the perfect coast, dealing with your tan, from there, the sky is the limit.

Nonetheless, if you have a more gutsy soul and need to go into the water for a completely exhilarating time frame, you additionally have numerous choices, similar to stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, sailing, etc.

Master Tip:
Prior to heading home, make a point to visit the memorable Alki Point Beacon.

This beacon gives directed visits and incredible photographs valuable open doors.

Ruby Beach — Forks

beaches in Washington

Location: Olympic Public Park, Forks, WA 98331

Ruby Ocean side is quite possibly of the prettiest ocean side in Washington.

Its postcard-wonderful scene highlights emotional stone developments, backgrounds of lavish vegetation, a sun-kissed sandy coastline, and gleaming cerulean water.

Witness the stunning excellence of clear water sea shores in Washington by visiting Ruby Ocean side with your movement pals.

This eye-getting shore will blow your mind while you appreciate numerous exercises.

Like, swimming, investigating little ocean caves, loosening up by the shore, taking lots of pictures supported by the perfect environmental elements, picnicking, finding ocean animals at the tide pools, etc.

It highlights numerous close by conveniences, for example, a roomy parking area, clean bathrooms, and a picturesque path.

Master Tip:
This shoreline has many little shakes and driftwood drifting around, so you ought to wear shoes or water shoes while visiting Ruby Ocean side to safeguard your feet.

Long Beach Peninsula — Long Beach

beaches in Washington

Location: Long Beach, WA 98631

Long Ocean side Landmass is the longest shore on the planet, running for no less than 28 miles.

It has different passages where you can arrive at its coastline.

One of the must-visit ocean side objections that you shouldn’t pass up is Long Ocean side Landmass.

This exceptional shore brings a lot to the table for you, such as stunning North Pacific Sea sees, an extensive footpath, an exquisite scene, and some more.

You can have some time off from the everyday pattern of your regular routine while you appreciate doing a small bunch of fun exercises.

For instance, horseback riding or trekking along the shore, noticing humpback whales swimming by, relaxing under the sun on the delicate sand, ocean side driving, and parts more.

Master Tip:
In the event that you are searching for a spot to feast, you ought to think about Lost Roo.

It is a family-accommodating eatery highlighting a warm mood, an enchanting setting, and flavorful food.

A portion of the dishes you can attempt are chowders, delightful burgers, new fish, and delicious treats.

Owen Beach — Tacoma

beaches in Washington

Location: 5605 Owen Ocean side Rd, Tacoma, WA 98407

Owen Ocean side is a brilliant ocean side sitting on the banks of a quiet narrows.

It highlights sceneries of transcending trees, shimmering blue water, and delicate sand.

On the off chance that you don’t want to swim in the sea, take your allies to Owen Ocean side.

This ocean side doesn’t lay on the coast yet is similarly as great.

Here, you can bond with your family or companions as you appreciate exercises, for example, kayaking, sailing, having a grill together, watching seals cruising by, swimming, and innumerable more.

It additionally includes numerous offices for your benefit, similar to an effectively open parking garage, outing regions where you can eat your dinners serenely, a play region to keep your kids engaged, etc.

Master Tip:
Owen Ocean side is near Point Disobedience Zoo and Aquarium, a first class zoo.

Come by this vacationer area of interest and have the opportunity to see in excess of 9,000 unique creatures./

Rosario Beach — Anacortes

beaches in Washington

Location: Duplicity Pass State Park, Anacortes, WA 98221

Rosario Ocean side rests inside one of the most-visited state parks in Washington, Duplicity Pass State Park.

Invest quality energy with your partners in crime at Rosario Ocean side.

This shoreline flaunts a shocking scene where you can bond as you do exercises like picnicking, partaking in a relaxed swim, investigating tidepools, walking around the coastline, getting a tan, and various others.

Master Tip:
Find opportunity to investigate the remainder of Misdirection Pass State Park.

There are numerous different things you can appreciate here, for example, setting up camp, climbing through nature trails, taking your children to its enchanting jungle gym, noticing untamed life, and partaking in officer directed programs.

Pacific Beach State Park — Pacific Beach

beaches in Washington

Location: Pacific Ocean side, WA 98571

You can find Pacific Ocean side State Park in a dynamic sea town.

It has around 2,300 feet of ocean front and shining flawless water.

Take in the new sea breeze while partaking in various fun exercises with your accomplice, companions, or family.

Plan to live it up as you do numerous exercises.

Like searching for mollusks, partaking in a beach front cookout, dealing with your tan, saltwater fishing, playing with a frisbee, kite flying, making sandcastles, kayaking, crouching under the glow of a huge fire, and others.

Master Tip:
If you love whales and need to get the chance to notice these enthralling warm-blooded animals, visit during January, and Walk to May.

Rialto Beach — Forks

beaches in Washington

Location: Mora Rd, Forks, WA 98331

Rialto Ocean side is a postcard-wonderful shoreline offering beachgoers superb nightfall sees, different stone developments, and tide pools plentiful with ocean life.

Rialto Ocean side, supported by a lovely waterfront rainforest, is a stupendous decision while looking for pleasant sea shores to go out on the town with your accomplice.

Make some heartfelt memories together as you share a noteworthy day.

Appreciate exercises like walking connected at the hip, loosening up by the shore as you get a tan, taking many pictures with one another, swimming in the reviving sea water, partaking in a cookout, watching the great dusk while snuggling by the glow of an open air fire, setting up a shelter, etc.

Master Tip:
There are not many merchants or stores nearby, so prior to visiting, pack anything that necessities you want.

Golden Gardens Park Beach — Seattle

beaches in Washington

Location: 8498 Seaview Pl NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Brilliant Nurseries Park Ocean side is one of the most mind-blowing ocean side spots in the state.

It is a #1 for local people and vacationers due to its simple openness and various conveniences.

Might it be said that you are searching for extraordinary Washington ocean side spots to visit with your movement pals to partake in a seriously loosening up time?

On the off chance that you are, We enthusiastically suggest Brilliant Nurseries Park Ocean side.

This shoreline brags a boatload conveniences, for example, outing regions where you can get ready and eat your feasts, a jungle gym to keep your young people cheerful, a harbor ideal for sending off boats, volleyball courts that are ideally suited for the sake of entertainment games, thus substantially more.

Here, you can fly packs with your family, play fun ocean side games, go drifting, appreciate swimming, show your kids how to project a line, etc.

Master Tip:
Brilliant Nurseries Park Ocean side has an on location bistro, great in the event that you don’t want to pack an excursion.

A portion of the delectable dishes you can eat are popsicles, Dutch hotcakes, kebabs, barbecued cheddar, and numerous other yummy decisions.


Washington’s beaches are a great place to spend a day or two. The beaches vary in width and length, making them perfect for all types of visitors. Whether you’re looking for secluded sandbars or wide expanses of pristine white sand, there’s a beach here for you. And if you’re looking for something to do while you’re there, don’t forget the numerous attractions and restaurants nearby.

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